Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photo Essay

Nina Kaufmann prepares for a hike by Lake Billy Chinook. She is convinced that it will rain so she has correctly put on a multitude of layers. Her preparation for the hike has taken all morning and she is ready for her upcoming adventure.

The picture above is of all of the members that participated in Nina's hike. From left to right they are Mike Kaufmann, Nina Kaufmann, Jeff Jansen, Sammi Jansen, Audrey Kaufmann, Rich Jansen, and Michael Jansen. The photo is being taken by Kathleen Jansen. The dog being held by Michael Jansen, who is in the grey shirt, is refusing to behave and face the camera despite being requested to do so multiple times. 

This photo is of Sammi Jansen standing at a scenic point along the trail. If one looks closely, they will three blonde dots in the field to the left of her elbow. These are three antelope, a native mammal to the region that survives in the area despite its lack of water.

From left to right Mike Kaufmann, Rich Jansen, Audrey Kaufmann, and Sammi Jansen take a break from their hike. They have decided to wait for the rest of the group and relax. Rich Jansen, in the white, is currently trying to knock over a water bottle by throwing a pebble at it 

The above photo is a picture of Kathy Jansen, on the left, and her son Jeff on the right. They have finished the hike and are waiting for the rest of the group back at the trail head. They have been watching lizards for the past few minutes and have decided to take a break in order to be photographed.